Copper Fasteners

Copper fasteners are an most commonly used in industrial applications. Due to their corrosion resistant and conductive properties. Copper is commonly used by electricians. Due to its appearance in many materials, copper may also encompass brass and bronze alloys as well. Apart from electrical components, copper is also used in marine and corrosive environments, in sanitary and medical equipment, and as a decorative finish tool.


High Electrical Conductivity

High Thermal Conductivity

High Tensile Strength

Corrosion Resistance


Antimicrobial Property

Sturdy construction

Longer service life

Finely finished

Corrosion resistance


CDA 102 (ASTM B-187)

CDA 110 (ASTM B-187)

Beryllium, copper 110, nickel copper 400, nickel copper K-500, copper nickel 90/10 and copper nickel 70/30

Any kind of special materials can be combined as per customer requirements and specification.


ISO Metric (MM Threads), BA Threads, BSW Threads (inches), BSF Thread, UNC & UNF Threads and any threads as per custom requirements.


ISO, IS, DIN, ANSI, JIS, BS and other European Standard.


Electrical components

Components in marine and corrosive environments.

Sanitary and medical equipment

Processing equipment for high wear processes and corrosive environments

Decorative fasteners for architectural, plumbing and marine applications

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