Silicone Bronze Fasteners

Silicon bronze is a popular material, often referred to simply as bronze. Silicon bronze, an alloy of primarily copper and tin, contains a small amount of silicon, making it the perfect choice for marine environments. Many marine professionals prefer silicon bronze fasteners to stainless steel or other metals for their superior corrosion resistance, strength and durability. Although bronze is more expensive than some comparable metals, silicon bronze nuts and bolts are reliable and durable.

Silicon bronze alloys should be selected based on their intended use. Specifically:

Silicon Bronze Alloy 651, at 98.5 percent Cu and 1.5 percent Si, is typically best in cold headed parts. 

Silicon Bronze Alloy 655, at 97 percent Cu and 3 percent Si, is best used for fasteners which must be hot-made. 

Silicon Bronze Alloy 661, made up of 95 percent Cu, 3 percent Si and 0.5 percent Pb is a solid choice for parts that will require machining. 

Hex bolts have a chamfered point that can aid in insertion to a tapped nut or hole, and their length should be measured from just under the head.

Benefits of Silicon Bronze Nuts and Bolts

Silicon bronze fasteners are generally preferred in wooden boat building and woodworking due to their corrosion resistance compared to stainless steel and higher strength compared to brass. Woodworkers prefer bronze for its natural beauty and appearance, which increases the value of handcrafted shipcraft and ensures ships are of solid structure.

One of the greatest advantages of using silicon bronze fasteners is their resistance to corrosion. Brine, sulfite solutions and gases will not corrode or deteriorate silicon bronze nuts and bolts. Because it is a high-strength alloy that can withstand extreme conditions, silicon bronze is often preferred over stainless steel or other materials that just aren't up to the task.Because of this, silicon bronze is widely used in commercial applications, particularly in the shipping industry and sanitation.

Other advantages of using silicon bronze fasteners include their high thermal conductivity, excellent friction reduction and non-magnetic properties. The hex head makes it easy to drive in, and the chamfered tip of the hex screws adds to their ease of use. They can be operated from the side with simple buttons and require minimal clearance. Manufacturing and industry professionals prefer bronze fasteners, nuts and bolts because they do not require special machinery or equipment to assist with installation.


Silicon bronze is the most popular of the bronze families. Fasteners made from silicon bronze are ideal for naval construction, especially in mine sweeping applications. To alleviate the risk of stress corrosion failure, silicon bronze nuts and bolts that are cold formed should be stress relieved to achieve best results.

In addition to their use in naval construction, silicone bronze nuts and bolts are popular in the marine industry. They are also commonly used in general construction, refineries, and the power and energy industry as well, and are similar to low carbon steel in terms of hardness and durability.

Nearly as hard as stainless steel, silicon bronze does not require atmospheric exposure to maintain corrosion resistance. As it ages, bronze will eventually appear similar to copper that has been exposed. Compared to brass fasteners, bronze is much harder and more resistant to corrosion.

Bronze is much more suited than brass or other similar components when it comes to salt water environments or for areas with extreme weather possibilities. For this reason, silicon bronze is a popular choice for decks or other outdoor projects. It is also uniquely suited to projects that involve exposure to gases and sewage.

Silicon bronze nuts and bolts are sold by the piece in a wide variety of sizes to fit nearly any project, though a 1/2” diameter is the most commonly used. No matter your need for bronze nuts and bolts, we have the largest selection of quality products and are capable of filling custom orders.

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