Stainless Steel Fasteners Do's and Dont's

Stainless steel fasteners are quite popular these days because of their reliable corrosion-resistant and recyclable properties. They offer resistance and durability during any weather condition. However, if these fasteners are not handled properly, you can cause damage to the entire setup. Below, we have a guideline of do or don’ts when specifying and using stainless steel fasteners:

Do Not Choose The Wrong Grade

The most important step when using stainless steel fasteners is to check the grading of the steel. The two commonly used grades are 304 and 316. Grade 316 is more corrosion resistant than 304. It is a perfect fit as it provides resistance against the effect of metal oxidization. There are many guides available for choosing the right grade of steel fasteners.

Do Select The Right Finishes

Uneven finishes of stainless steel fasteners can leave a surface and spaces that trap dust particles, which can lead to damage to the protective layer of chromium oxide. If this happens, corrosion can start to occur and can, therefore, give a rusty appearance.  A smoother finish eliminates the chance of any particles settling and allows for easier cleaning practices.

Do Choose Proper Cleaning Schedules

Stainless steel fasteners last longer depending on the cleaning of the equipment. They, therefore, need be cleaned to remove any contaminants (e.g. salt or dust) in order to maintain the stainless steel appearance.

Do Not Contaminate The Exposed Surface

The bare part of the stainless steel, which is exposed to the surface, is often susceptible to contamination by metallic dust (e.g. iron filings). This rust on the surface of the stainless steel can gradually lead to corrosion. In order to prevent contamination, cover stainless steel with a suitable item to protect it from iron filings, until the work on a job site is complete.

Do Not Buy Low Nickel Stainless Steel

Low Nickel Stainless steel is not suitable to resist the action of rusting as they usually have lower chromium. Opt for the corrosion-resistant properties offered by 316 stainless steel studs.

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