TEC Series Washers


TEC Series Washers are manufactured in a facility that strictly adheres to multiple ISO certification standards, and are thoroughly tested through the production cycle to ensure a high level of quality. All TEC Series products are fully RoHS compliant.

Disc-Lock wedge locking washers


TEC Series


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TEC Series washers secure joints using tension rather than friction, as with traditional locking fasteners. TEC washers consist of a pair of washers with cams on one side and radial teeth on the other. The cam sides are joined together with a mild adhesive, and installed between the bolt head and/or nut and the joint material. During installation, the radial teeth cause one half of the washer to be seated to the bolt or nut, while the other half is seated to the joint material. When exposed to load or vibration, the bolt or nut will attempt to loosen. Since the radial teeth are seated to the mating surfaces, any movement in the loosening direction is forced between the cam. Because the cam angle (α) of the washers is greater than the thread pitch angle (β) of the bolt, a wedge effect is created by the cams, preventing the bolt or nut from rotating loose. Clamp load is maintained and the joint remains secure.


• Maintains clamp load in high vibration and load applications, thereby protecting the security of the joint

• Heavy duty, self-locking design

• For use with bolts up to Class 12.9, Grade 8

• Sizes from #8 (M4) to 1 3/8” (M36) in stock, available for immediate shipment

• Available in SCM435 Alloy Steel, 316L Stainless Steel, and 254 SMO Stainless Steel

• Provided in preassembled glued pairs

• Easy to install and remove with standard tools

• No retightening needed after installation

• Reusable - will not distort threads on bolt

• Vibration proof according to MIL-STD-1312-7/DIN 25201

• Lubrication does not impair the locking function of the washer

• Can be used reliably for joints with short clamp length

• Secures joints with high and low preloads


TEC Series wedge locking washers can be used to protect joint integrity in a wide variety of joint types, including:

Tapped Hole: Effectively secures bolt head to mating surface.

Counter Bore: TEC Series washers are designed to fit under the head of socket products in counter bore holes.

Stud Bolt: Securely fastens nut in stud bolt applications eliminating the need for adhesives.

Slotted or Large Hole: TEC Series LD washers are suited for use under flange bolts and nuts and to optimize the clamp load across large or slotted holes and soft mating surfaces.

Through Hole: Through hole applications require TEC Series washers under the bolt head and nut to maintain join security.

Not Recommended: TEC Series wedge locking washers are not recommended for: • Mating surfaces together that are free to rotate or move • Mating surfaces that are harder than the washers • Use in non-preloaded joints • Very soft base material, such as wood